Spark of Light Reiki


What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray – Key) is a Japanese technique for pain and stress relief. Through the use of light touch, Reiki helps energy flow correctly through the body. When energy is blocked, stagnant or flowing slowly, our bodies can show symptoms such as fatigue, mental fog, depression, anxiety, headaches, back pain, and more. We are more likely to feel stressed, get sick, and altogether not feel at our best. Reiki helps restore the body’s state of wellness to improve its natural healing ability. 

Reiki can be used to help diminish symptoms of life-altering illness or disease, previous trauma, grief for loss of a loved one, and more.  Many view Reiki as a spiritual tool for helping rebalance mind, body and soul and connect deeper with yourself and others. Those who receive Reiki say they feel immediate relaxation and a sense of peace. Some find deeper personal meaning and may wish to pursue becoming practitioners themselves. 

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Healing the Mind Body and Soul

Reiki Session

Reiki Sessions with Spark of Light run from 60-90 minutes.  This includes a brief discussion beforehand to determine your goals for the session.  They take place in our dedicated Reiki room.  It is a comfortable and quiet space to allow for relaxation.  Reiki is a light-touch healing technique.  The practitioner may set their hands lightly on the head or shoulders, or their hands may be a few inches above the body.  


Sessions incorporate peaceful music and may include the use of crystal healing bowls, tuning forks, and crystals to supplement the Reiki healing.  Following the session, the practitioners encourage you to ask questions about your experiences. These experiences may include feeling warmth or tingling sensations, as well as feeling relaxed.    Most clients have reported feeling better following their Reiki sessions, saying that they feel less pain or less anxious.  

Individual Session $100

or 5 Sessions for $450

Remote/Distance Reiki Session

Remote Reiki Sessions are 45-60 minutes.  You sit comfortably in your own home while we work.  Using a Reiki symbol, we are able to work on your energy from afar.  Despite the distance, you may still experience different sensations, such as warmth and tingling, like an in-person Reiki session.  We contact you before and after the Remote session to discuss goals and answer any questions you have.  

Individual Session $80

or 5 Sessions for $350

Animal Reiki Session

Animal Reiki Sessions are 45-60 minutes. Animals often pick up our own anxieties, and Reiki can help relieve animals of these stressors.  Animals are brought in with their family to assess any concerns about behaviors or health.  They stay in our consultation room to allow for more freedom of movement.  We also offer joint sessions for people and their pets.

The many benefits of animal Reiki
  • Deepening the bond between you and your animal.
  • Releasing emotions from past abuse or trauma. 
  • Speed up healing from surgery or injury
  • Help with anxiety and teach the animal coping skills.
  • Get to the underlying reason bad behavior is showing itself. 
  • Help the animal to feel safer or more confident.
  • Helps with the ease of end of life transitioning.
  • Clears energy blockages and rids the body of negative energy 

Individual Session $70

Frequently Asked Questions

How do remote sessions work? 

Reiki has symbols that have been in use for over 100 years. One of these symbols, the distance symbol, allows us to pull energy to us to work on from a distance and then return when the session is complete. Often clients will expierence sensations of reiki being preformed even if they are states away. 

How long has Reiki been around?

Technically for as long as the universe has been. Reiki translates directly to universal energy. Energy healing has been around since the dawn of time but Usui Reiki is about 100 years old and is the most commonly practiced. 

Is Reiki Religious?

No. But it is very spiritual to us personally. People of varying beliefs love Reiki and we want no one to believe they cannot receive Reiki because they aren’t spiritual or religious. Reiki is universal energy, call that from God, Mother Earth, Yahweh, Jehovah, The Divine, or anything you believe. We are all made up of energy. 

But you can’t see Reiki? How do you know it works?

We know that energy moves at frequencies we cannot see. (Think Xrays) Scientists have measured energy coming off a reiki practitioners hands as that as different than normal. The Cleveland Clinic and United States Military are two of the largest users of Reiki. 

What happens in a Reiki session?

Each session is different and tailored specifically for the client. But each begins with us discussing what you wish Reiki to help you with and then you laying on our reiki table and enjoying an hour of calming relaxation while our practitioners work on your energy. Reiki can include light touch or hands free.