Spark of Light Classes


“I only wanted people to heal each other, and in doing so, heal themselves”  ~a friend


We at Spark of Light are passionate about the healing of others, and believe that there is always a need for more healers.  As such, we offer Reiki classes for those who are interested in learning more about what Reiki is and how to use it. Reiki can also be considered an important step in one’s spiritual journey, and perhaps you feel that this is the next step in yours.  


Connections are important to us.  We want to connect people to each other because connections are vital to the healing process.  Not only do we want to connect people, we want to connect people to the correct match for them.  When it comes to teaching Reiki, we are more intensive than some courses.  We ask all potential students to consider if we are the correct match for them.  

We put an emphasis on practical experience.  Because of this, we have small class sizes and our classes last 7-8 hours.  We focus on teaching students intuitive healing practices for Reiki sessions and practical, everyday uses.  


If you have any questions about our courses or if we are the right match for you, please feel free to reach out to us.  Classes are scheduled upon request.  


Healing Others to Heal Oneself

Reiki 1

Instructor – Mychal Deeb

Reiki I, or Shoden, is an introductory course.  It delves into the history of Reiki and how to use Universal Energy to heal others.  First level students are typically working on physical aches and pains, though this can vary, depending on the practitioner.  


Hands-on practice is an important aspect of learning Reiki.  As such, clients will learn theory, receive an attunement, and then begin practicing various techniques for beginning students. 


The following are just some of the topics taught in this course:

  • Reiki history
  • Reiki ethics
  • What Reiki is and how to use the energy
  • One traditional symbol
  • How to conduct a Reiki treatment
  • Hand placements
  • Chakra Care
  • Intuitive Healing
  • And more!

Class – 150$

Pay It Forward – 250$ Your payment will go to reducing the cost for others

    Reiki 2

    Instructor- Mychal Deeb

    Reiki II, or Okuden, is where students are better able to hone their Reiki skills.  Here they learn to refine their abilities, and learn how to conduct remote sessions.  As with Reiki I, all students will receive a Reiki II attunement and practical experience.  

    The following are just some of the topics taught in this course:

    • What distant Reiki is and how to use it
    • Four symbols: two traditional and two non-traditional
    • How to conduct a remote Reiki session
    • And more!

    Class – 150$

    Pay It Forward – 250$ Your payment will go to reducing the cost for others

      Animal Healing/Reiki Class

      Instructor – Viktoria Miller

      Have you wanted to deepen your understanding of how to use Reiki on your animals?

      We’ll talk about their unique chakra locations, how to communicate with them, how to incorporate crystals and sound healing, how to remove anxiety and more.  A Reiki 1 certification is mandatory to take this class.

      As a professional dog trainer, former vet assistant, Humane Society employee and Reiki Master, Viktoria has a great deal of knowledge to offer in the animal field. This course will touch on nutrition, behavior, essential oils, crystals and other modalities of healing you don’t see in a typical animal reiki class. We want you to have options for the best match and fit for helping the animal before you. 

      Reiki 3 / Mastery Class

      Instructor – Mychal Deeb

      This course is designed for the Reiki II practitioner who would like to continue their Reiki knowledge. After this course you’ll be a certified Reiki Master/Teacher with the ability to attune yourself to other symbols, and attune and teach Reiki to others.

      The following are just some of the topics taught in this course:

      • Reiki Master attunement
      • Reiki ART with Master/Teacher manual
      • Advanced Reiki Techniques (ART)
      • Instruction on how to give sacred reiki attunements
      • Instruction on how to teach a class
      • Reiki Master certification
      • and so much more!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Can anyone learn Reiki?

      Yes! That’s the beauty of energy work. Any one is capable of being attuned to Reiki and accessing universal energy. 

      What are your teaching credentials?

      Our instructor Mychal Deeb received her Reiki 1 through the Reiki Center in Columbus Ohio and her Reiki 2 and Teaching Mastery from Soulspiration in Wadsworth Ohio. We continue to educate ourselves and speak with other practitioners to further our understanding of Reiki. 

      What are the different levels for?

      Generally speaking Reiki 1 is for use to practice on yourself, friends and family. Reiki 2 branches out to professional use and Mastery allows you to attune and teach others. Each class builds on the last and goes deeper into what you’ll find and work with while doing Reiki. 

      Do you have to wait between classes?

      Generally speaking there’s a 21 day cleansing period when attuned that our students go through. We ask that you wait between Reiki 1 and 2 the minimum of 21 days to allow time for your body to adjust and for you to practice.