About Us 

Hello! We’re Spark of Light

“Healing others to heal oneself”

“Do you know why we have the sunflowers? It’s not because Vincent van Gogh suffered. It’s because Vincent van Gogh had a brother who loved him. Through all the pain, he had a tether, a connection to the world. And that is the focus of the story we need – connection.”
― Hannah Gadsby

We believe in building connections. For anyone who has felt isolated, who has learned self hatred, who has felt empty and wounded, we want to build a space to heal. A space to hear others voices and be heard. Where it is okay to have differing beliefs and to feel safe to heal your own trauma. We want to help others find their tribe and build a community of people who believe in healing others to heal themselves. One day we hope to build Spark of Light into a community center to spread kindness. This is the start of our story. 

Reiki Master Mychal Deeb

Originally a therapist, Mychal found she was pulled more toward her spirituality and energy work in order to help people.  Her history as a therapist led her to a deeper understanding of the importance of creating and maintaining connections between people. 

She hopes to bring people comfort and stability through Spark of Light becoming a community center and has a passion for helping kids. 

Mychal delights in teaching others and will lead most of the Reiki classes.

Reiki Master Viktoria Miller

Having had Reiki change the path of her life, Viktoria delved into energy healing to bring the same hope to others. She feels isolation is what tears people down and wants to help people connect again.

While she’s been practicing energy healing for longer than Usui Reiki she’s incorporated both into her style of healing. A big fan of Angels and Mother Earth, she incorporates both divine and earth energy to help others heal. She’s open to honest discussion and loves hearing differing experiences and opinions than her own. 

As a professional dog trainer and reiki master she teaches our Animal Reiki course to go further into the understanding of animals.