Additional Services


Energy Healing

Vibrational Sound Healing

Through the use of vibrational tuning forks and crystal singing bowls we work on your chakras to restore balance to them.

Some find they respond better to sound healing than traditional reiki.

Sessions last 45 to 60 minutes.

Individual Session $ 80

Crystal Healing

With a large variety of crystals and stones we’ll find the ones that vibrate at the best frequencies for you. Through connecting them to your energy they will help with blockages, pain, stress and anxiety. We can also help you find the correct stones for yourself to have at home and allow them to do their work passively. Often in our Spark of Light Reiki sessions we include the use of crystals.

Intuitive Services

Guided Meditation

One of our practitioners can help walk you through a guided meditation to strengthen your intuition. This may be to connect with guides, to trust your instincts more, to hear or see energy more clearly or simply to find more peace in your meditations. 

Card Readings

Past Life or Tarot Reading

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t believe crystals work?

That’s no problem. We love open and honest discussion. The great thing about crystals is it doesn’t matter if you believe in them or not they’ll still do their work on your energy. And at the worst you’ve got a pretty stone to look at! 

How do you know if you’re a sensitive?

Everyone is a sensitive. No one is incapable of learning how to connect more with their energy. Some it may come easier to but everyone is capable if they wish to. Many hold themselves back because of cultural and perceived misgivings about energy work. We hear that kids and animals are more sensitive and it’s true that it is oftentimes easier from an early age but we’ve known adults in their 70s who decided to go on to be reiki practitioners. That’s the beauty of energy work.