Creating Connections for

Mind, Body and Soul

Hello! We’re Spark Of Light.

Certified Master Reiki Practitioners and Energy Healers

We’ve felt a pull to help our community with holistic healing and Spark of Light is our answer to the call. Providing services to bring balance to mind, body and soul, we want to create a space where open and honest discussion is encouraged. Our goal with Spark of Light is to have a place for people to flourish, build connections and ask questions. A place for their soul to find growth and comfort. A place to heal.

Reiki Sessions

Enjoy a calming hour of pain and stress relief with our Reiki Masters. Reiki flows universal energy into the body to help push out negativity and draw in positivity. 

Learn Reiki

Do you wish to learn how to use universal energy to help heal yourself and others? We offer Reiki 1, 2 and 3 classes as well as additional classes like Animal Reiki. 

Additional Services

We offer additional services such as crystal and sound healing, intuition building, guided meditation and more. 

Why try Reiki?

Pain and Stress Relief

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Reiki is a japanese technique for pain and stress relief. Through flowing positive energy in and pulling negative out we can move stagnant and harmful energies out of your system and help bring in healing calming energy. 

Help with Anxiety/Depression

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Reiki works on the energy body and brings balance to mind, body, and soul. When our energy is out of balance we see worse symptoms of anxiety and depression. Reiki can help release some of that energy and help find ways to cope with your symptoms.  

Complimentary Healing

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While Reiki is no substitute for western medicine, it can be used in conjunction to help with symptoms and faster healing. The Cleveland Clinic has an entire branch dedicated to Reiki healing for their patients.  

Strengthen your Intuition

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Reiki can help you connect with your third eye chakra. The seat of your intuition. This allows for deeper meditations, communication with guides and your higher self and more. It can also help those who are sensitive to energy, empaths and mediums gain better control of their gifts.

Help with Grief and Loss

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Reiki helps one release grief and sorrow. We can sometimes get messages from passed love ones if you wish to hear them. 

Heal from Past Trauma

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Reiki is very useful in helping release negative and stagnant energy holding you back from past trauma. This replaces that energy with positive to help you heal and move forward. 

Connect with Guides

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We believe everyone has guides in their lives. They can be angels, ancestors, animal totems, guardians, fey and more. We can help you connect to their guidance. 

Discover Past Lives

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We believe in reincarnation and often see clients carrying tramas and wounds from past lives. Reiki can help those pains so you don’t continue to carry them. It’s also just fun to look into what you’ve been in past lives if you’re curious. 

Balance Your Chakras

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There are 7 main chakras that govern the body. The Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar, Sacral and Root. These sources of energy are connected to various different functions of the body and having chakras that are disconnected, closed or too open can show in various physical and mental symptoms. 

Our Reiki Room

"Today was so amazing and I definitely felt different when I left today!!! This old hippie could definitely feel the energy and positivity!"

– Reiki Client

"I've never seen him this calm before. He'd never lay down like this outside of our house!""

– Animal Reiki Client

"The pain has definitely eased since our last session. I don't hurt nearly as badly nor all over""

– Reiki Session Client With Arthritis