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Intuitive Healing
Perfect For You

We help YOU heal your mind, body and soul to grow and thrive in your daily life! 

Hi! We’re Spark of Light!

We Coach You Through Your Energetic Healing Journey

We work with clients who want to: 



Heal Their Past To Better Their Future

We guide you to release your past traumas and old wounds (And those of Past Lives) to let your present and future self be free of those hurts weighing you down


Grow and Connect With Their Intuition

We coach you on the best way for YOU to grow your intuition and connect with your guides, higher self and more.


Restore Balance to Their Life

We teach you how to bring balance back into your life. Whether that’s releasing energy blocks stopping you from getting what you want/need, helping restore pieces of yourself lost in hurt, helping your chakras flow correctly or more.

De-Mystifying Energy HEaling

Teaching You How to NAvigate Your Intuitive Journey

So often we hear from our clients that the energy healing they’ve done in the past has never explained what was happening. We walk you through it, discuss every step and teach YOU how to heal yourself. This puts the power back in your hands, with us there to coach and guide you.

We work with People every day who struggle with symptoms like these

Picking up Other People's Emotions

“I go to the grocery store happy and leave miserable, weighed down and exhausted”

Chronic Health Issues

“I’ve had every test done and the doctors have found nothing/ don’t know what to label it”

Anxiety and Depression

“I just feel overwhelmed all the time”

Self Worth Issues

“I’m such an idiot for saying/doing that”

Disconnected / Feeling Lost

“I feel like there’s something I’m here to do but just can’t figure it out/find it” 

Recognize these Yourself?

Mood Swings

“I don’t know why I’m suddenly so sad or angry. It just hits me out of no where”

Meet Mychal & Viktoria

Our two founding members Mychal and Viktoria are both Reiki Masters and credit energy healing for saving their lives. After jumping headfirst into their own spiritual journey, they strive to help others find their own way to trusting their intuition.

Continuously learning and growing, they have a passion for helping the spiritual and energetic community. Highly spiritual in their own practice, (With an absolute fondness for angels and mother nature) they are open-minded and love hearing others view points. 


Our Services at a glance

We like to joke that energy work can be as Woo-woo as you want (or don’t want). You decide what you believe and that’s the beauty of it. It’s a constant growth of learning and being open to what the universe has in store for us. 


Past Life Exploration

We dive in with you to find what traumas and energies you’re being affected by from past lives and how to best release it.

Chakra Balancing

The chakras are energy centers that govern our energy function and flow. If they are to open or closed you can see physical problems arise.

Soul Retrieval

There can be experiences in our lives that cause us to fragment off a part of our energy. We can help return this energy, cleansed and healed, to unite with you.

Intuition Development

Looking to grow your own intuition? We can help guide you on safe practices to develop your third eye, speak with your guides, find your brand of healing and more.  

Not Your Momma's Reiki

Spark of Light Reiki is our unique flavor of energy healing. We combine crystal, sound and other holistic healing modalities to best heal the person in front of us.

Want to LEarn more?

Finding The Root Cause

Often physical illness symptoms are a stagnation of energy flow. We can look for the metaphysical root causes and help with the releasing of this energy. 

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